EVO Film Production Services helps your team with production planning, budgeting and scheduling. Let's read your script and give the best cost-benefits to filming in Brazil and South America. We can indicate specialized professional for traveling to conducting field study and research of all the locations and structures necessary for its production.

The production is the essence of the EVO Production Services. Our goal is to give full support for your production, from the planning phase to the implementation phase and des-production. We offer full service production set and also work in co-production, national or international.

Experienced professionals will be at your side throughout the pre-production, performing quickly, photographic surveys and visits in various locations until you find the ideal rental for your movie. The trading costs, authorization from the owners and the lease supervision in shooting is also our responsibility.

We will help you set up your production base, or your office away from home, and provide you with everything necessary for a successful shoot

We know the best crews to build the team of your film. [DIRECTION - AUDIO - PHOTOGRAPHY - PRODUCTION - ART] - We have professionals associated in several areas, including more specific areas such as 3D, special effects, animal handlers, aerial images and stunts.

We can organize your casting sessions in our own studio with over 200m2 of area to receive principal actors, supporting actors and extras. We put you in touch with key agencies and casting directors in the market for the square which you need.

We have excellent contacts with all major equipment rental companies in Brazil and neighboring countries. So we can meet your equipment needs with special and more favorable conditions for the movie.

In addition of our own studio, in Curitiba, Brazil, we can point studios to specific needs of larger or smaller, such as photo or footage of large structures, large vehicles and also photo or footage with actors who need a planning VIP security. (click here to know more about our studio)

EVO Film Production Services provides full support for rental production offices, from a simple room to large spaces for bigger productions. We also have offices containers solutions, safe, air-conditioned and fully adaptable.

EVO has in its records the best Catering services to serve small and large productions, after a well fed crew has a much higher rate of productivity.

In Evolution Group, in addition to producing, rental equipment and EVO Production Services, we also have the TOTAL TRAVEL Agency, which internally meets all the demands of travel, lodging and transportation for all productions EVO. So we have more flexibility to choose the best package to serve their production worldwide. We also have Van and executive transportation services to internal displacement in the filming locations.

We have contacts in several instances to achieve filming permits and authorizations of all the types for your production.

In all EVO productions, we place special attention in post production and backup of raw footage captured. After all, the result of our work together is recorded in those media, HD`s and files. Thinking about it EVO Production Services offers support and equipment for logging, backup and storage of raw footage captured, besides offering mobile publishing and broadcast services live SD and HD-SDI.

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